Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Year

If you subscribe to the dingbat theories espoused by the credulous with too much time on their hands and access to a Mayan calendar it’s game over at the end of this year.

A lot of guys I know in the IT industry are hoping these dribbling prognostications are right because there’s only so much stupidity you can take before you want to go postal.

Late last year I wound up on a big project and managed to relax over Christmas and now its back to the grind.

The good thing about the tech industry is that nothing has really changed.

RIM is still waiting for someone to come in and turn off life support. On the upside Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsille have given up as being co-CEO’s. On the downside they still don’t have anything new and/or interesting to provide in the way of products.

Nokia is beating the drum telling the world they’ve shipped a million WinMoPho’s - the big question is what’s the sell through rate? Just because you’ve shipped a million handsets to distributors it doesn’t mean that a million people are going to part with their hard earned to buy one.

Ballmer is still telling everyone that Microsoft is relevant, unfortunately sales numbers in the PC world are telling a different story.

The patent wars continue with the legal profession making out like bandits as multi-billion dollar corporations behave like a bunch of whining pre-schoolers arguing over the red truck in the sandpit.

Finally there’s been no change in the level of stupidity found in the rarified air that is senior management.

Welcome to 2012.

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