Thursday, October 6, 2011

I want my iPhone 5!!!

From the reaction you’d expect that Apple has just run over a litter of newly born puppies.

The iPhone 4S? They all cry, where’s the iPhone 5 I’ve been reading about in the press and tech blogs? You know the one with the different form factor. The aluminium back. NFC payment facilities.

Lets see. The ones crying foul the loudest are those same tech blogs who have a barnyard full of eggs on their collective faces because their prized and carefully cultivated “highly placed source who cannot be named” turned out to be some putz with no idea and a big mouth.

The market analysts are also shocked and upset. “We were expecting an iPhone 5”, they all cry. “Oh dear God!” they exclaim.

"Our research notes have just been revealed for what they really are!"

The recorded ravings of a bunch of alcohol and fine food addled, overpaid, astrologers and carnival side-show hucksters.

The true worth of their highly priced research notes have just taken a dip in the order of the Greek economy.

To most users its an improvement in performance. Their collection of cases, accessories and suction cup vehicle mount thingies will all work with the new device saving the average consumer a small fortune in buying new stuff and the 4S will be available in even more carriers in the US.

Doesn’t sound like its too bad all in all if you're in the market for a new phone.

Anyway for all you bitter and twisted souls who want to rail and rant at the world to express your frustration at Apple destroying your lives because they didn’t deliver the iPhone 5 you wanted…too late…some has done it for you.

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