Thursday, February 9, 2012

Halliburton dumps Blackberry

So Halliburton has decided to give their 4000+ Blackberrys the flick for iPhones.

This is not good news for RIM.

They’ve been losing corporate customers at a massive rate and their much vaunted Playbook has just turned out to be just another very expensive paving brick. Just to move stock they’ve had to decimate price and in Australia some carriers are giving away a playbook with every Blackberry activation and they’re still having trouble moving stock.

RIM is a living (?!) example of what I described in an article I wrote for Australian Anthill a long time ago If you don’t change, you will die!

The problem with this company has always been that they thought because they created the smartphone market they knew what everyone wanted. The reality is they didn’t and the market is punishing them for it now.

They took their eye off the ball and it hit them right between the eyes.

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