Thursday, August 9, 2012

So You Think It Can't get Any Worse

Now as Peter was telling me this story I thought to myself that it couldn’t get any worse - I didn’t realise how wrong I was...

So enough was enough for Peter so he hit the phones and started to escalate up the Telstra chain until finally he got through to someone who started to make things happen - or so he thought.

Everything sounded good, he sent scanned versions of the paperwork and the ephemeral voice on the other end of the line told him he could rest peacefully knowing it would all be taken care of.

…now we fast forward four weeks…

Peter stormed into the T Life store on George Street and came across the guy who originally was supposed to deal with the issue just lounging on a chair kibitzing with another one of his overworked brethren. They locked eyes. The Telstra guy made a beeline for the office but he was too slow and Peter intercepted him.

“Hi. I’m not leaving until this gets fixed. Where’s the manager?”

The Telstra guy looked like he swallowed a T-Pad and scrambled for the office. Peter waited.

To paint you a picture the office is behind a featureless door with a numeric keypad lock, you can’t see in.

Peter waited some more. Finally after waiting for nearly twenty minutes he pulled out his mobile phone and called the T-Life store. Eventually when he got through he asked to speak to the manager. When he got put through Peter told the manager that he wasn’t planning on leaving until the matter was settled.

The manager walked out of the office.

Note to Thody, David Telstra CEO:

This is not good customer service.

After much back and forth the manager basically gave up and said ‘They told me we can’t do anything for you so I’m sorry there’s nothing more we can do. You can’t consolidate the service.”

Peter decided enough was enough. It was time for the nuclear option.

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