Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Telstra Improves Service from Screw! You! to Up! Yours!

So, in yesterday’s entry I started telling you the story of Peter and how Telstra treated him to a telco initiated pineapple enema, today I can tell you how they escalated the pineapple to a telephone pole.

So after a few months of everything going right Peter found things weren’t working again so he started hitting the phones, spending yours on hold and dealing with call centres in the far flung corners of the globe with staff whose concept of customer service was ‘the customer is here to serve us’.

So after getting nowhere with the various call centres, including the Bigpond one which has been set up inside a Black Hole because all communications go in, but, nothing ever comes back.

Finally he gets things rectified after a couple of months of calls each week, averaging between 45 minutes to over an hour on hold.

…only it wasn’t…

The idiots at Telstra had associated his personal account with that of his employer without any authority, written or verbal from Peter and he didn’t know. All of a sudden his ability to log into online account maintenance disappeared and he just chalked it up to typical Telstra efficiency he didn’t know what they had done.

He let it slide because he was going to consolidate all his services to one bill and then get his wife’s mobile on the same bill so that he could just have one bill to pay per month…you’d think this would be an easy thing to do…but…ohhhh noooo…this became another example of Telstra.

So getting his Internet, mobile and landline onto one bill was easy so after he got the first bill and all looked good he decided to move his wife’s mobile onto the same account.

And then Telstra customer service reared its ugly head and the the telephone pole was turned into a cellular phone tower.

Tomorrow we can talk about what happened when something that should have been easy to do encountered Telstra’s internal workings.

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