Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to give good online

Ruslan Kogan showed everyone how to build great customer relations and make the opposition look bad in one simple statement.

He admitted their online website had a bug that sold stock at lower than actual price. He also said “we could hide behind our terms and conditions to get out of having to honour these transactions. Indeed, this is what many of our competitors have done in the past. But, we believe the bug in our website was entirely our responsibility and as a result will be honouring every single purchase made this morning”.

Kogan nailed it.

How many times have you walked into a Harvey Norman store looking for an advertised special only to find a quickly typed up and photocopied notice saying that there had been an error on page such and such of the catalogue and the advertised price was incorrect?

The guy has a seriously smart approach to business and keeping the customer happy. I mean how many of his customers are going to sing his praises based on what he did?

I’m guessing it’ll be a lot.

For anyone getting into online sales, you could do worse then looking at how this guy has built his business.

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