Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

Here’s a few topics that I ran across while sitting in a hotel room in Brisbane.

Nokia results are bad, I mean flushed down the toilet, this dog won’t hunt bad.

I came across this piece on the Mobile Review website and the numbers really aren’t very pretty. I’m not so sure that moving to Windows Phone 7, or as a friend of mine calls it Windows MoPho, is going to help Nokia here.

Nokia Quarterly Results - It’s Even Worse than we Imagined

Google is doing some really smart stuff.

Google has just released an update to Android that has a whole bunch of cool features. The one I like is that you can have custom ‘ringtones’ set for incoming e-mail so you get an audible alert for the inbound items you really want to look at.

Gmail v2.3.5 for Android adds label-specific ringtones and sync priority mail only options

What does my phone contract really cost me?

Telstra has decided to be the first to market with a document that details the the actual cost of a new service. This is something that a lot of telcos have been fighting against, they say that its too hard. Strange that the first telco out of the starting gate with this information is Telstra rather than one of the ‘low cost’ carriers. It’ll be really interesting to see how cheap or not they are when everyone is using the same base for calculating the real cost of a service.

Telstra lays out the true cost of service plans

Retailers are breathtakingly, galactically, stupendously stupid when it comes to online!

Myer announced earth shattering news. They’re going to offer free shipping and this will help them to go from $5M p.a to around $50M p.a in online sales as a part of a ‘wider strategic plan’.

If it was only that simple. Retail genius at work...again.

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