Thursday, September 29, 2011

Australian Retailers take aim at their greatest enemy...Australian Retailers and score a bullseye!

I recently came across this little entry.

Retailers are considering introducing a 'try-on fee' to deter customers from purchasing products online.
It was a call for opinions and feedback for a news site.

How about this for an opinion. “How. Fucking. Dumb. Are. Australian. Retailers.”

…and no, its not missing a question mark!

A bit of searching and I found this piece in The Australian ‘Shoppers hit with ‘try-on’ charges as retailers fight online rivals’.

I mean really. The only advantage these clowns have is that a customer can try something on and decide if they want to buy it or not, and so, instead of working that as an advantage over the evil hoards of slavering, rapacious online retailers that are laying waste to our poor, impoverished and unfairly treated retailers, they decide to give that advantage away by charging for it!

Well done. This takes biting the hand that feeds you to a whole ‘nother level.

Poor Mr. Mendels complaining that sales of his grossly overpriced True Religion jeans have dropped in Australia as people buy overseas for a still big, but far more reasonable price. My heart bleeds.

People will pay for good service and they will pay a reasonable uplift for that, but, when you screw them for every cent you can get they they will turn on you the first chance they get.

You haven’t treated your customer with respect, you have treated them as a walking bank that you can hoover cash from.

This is no way to stop people buying online, all you’re going to do is force them to do even more online shopping.

A galactic fail for Australian retail, oh, sorry, that’s their standard way of doing business...

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