Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ding Dong SCO is dead!

So the news is out.

SCO is dead! The copyrights they claimed they own that they waved around oh so many years ago - it turns out they don’t own them. Didn’t own them. Never owned them.

So these lawsuits they were slinging at IBM and others turned out to be a waste of time, money and effort.

As PJ from Groklaw states in this piece, unless they try for a ruling by the US Supreme Court its pretty much over.

Having followed this case from the start, I’m glad to see its finally over, even if it took longer than I thought it ever would.

I was working for a company that used AIX when this lawsuit broke and SCO threatened all flavours of UNIX and Linux except for their own. Then I got sucked in by the breathtakingly huge set of clanking great stainless steel balls SCO displayed by trying on every crazy stunt they could think of with a straight face.

I watched as ‘journalists’ like Maureen O’Gara made crazy statements and flung vitriol at PJ like chimps fling faeces.

I’m glad this is finally over but I’ll be honest…I’m going to miss PJ’s articles about this case.

Thanks PJ for tracking this from start to finish. You did an awesome job and lots of people appreciate the effort including me.

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