Monday, September 19, 2011

Random Thoughts III

I don’t even know what to say about this one.

Perth most likely to be “digitally duped," AVG says

I do see the potential for AVG to lose some sales in WA for effectively calling Perth residents no quite as quick on the uptake as the rest of the country.

Recently blackberrycool had an entry on their site:

Tweet of the Week: How is the Playbook different that the iPad?

The answer is a pithy image that shows the superiority of the Playbook in web site rendering over the iPad.

Here’s the real difference - one sells the other doesn’t and I’m not talking about shipments, I’m talking about sell through rates.

Everything else is just fanboi noise.

LG have a ‘Pen Touch’ TV that was shown at the recent IFA show in Germany.

Why is this piece of technology potentially a huge smoking hole in the ground? Lets see. It’s Sunday afternoon and Dad wants to watch the football/soccer/basketball/NFL/Ice Hockey whatever and little ‘dinkins’ wants to colour and draw on the TV…

Or even better, all those years you spend teaching little ‘dinkins’ not to draw on furniture/walls whatever are countered with “just go and draw on the TV”.

Finally. Unless this thing is rocking a HUGE slab of Gorilla Glass I can easily see LCD panels aplenty suffering from “the damage that only kids can do that engineers can never recreate in a lab”.

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